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Dear reader, welcome. The fact that you’re reading this, means you’ve found your way to ‘Europe’s footsteps in a struggling world’, an ambitious one week long journalism project by seven students from all over Europe.

Over the course of a week, each of us dived in a specific topic and wrote an analysis. As you scroll through the main page, you will find enlightning stories about Europe’s life outside its borders.

After only two days of work, our newsroom was – like most others – shaken up by the news of what happened to writers and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The story about Europe’s struggle to combat jihadis online, suddenly became a matter for the heart. Read on to learn about how the EU treats the, only recently, promising Arab Spring countries today. A week ago foreign Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman surprised friend and foe by saying Europe is its biggest diplomatic challenge, we gave that a second thought.

A big part of Europe’s footsteps outside its borders is development aid, climate policy and trade. We discovered development aid is hugely politically motivated instead of scientifically. That Europe is – to the surprise of many – not contributing to the Green Climate Fund and we put the case of Myanmar under the microscope. And last but not least, we analysed West African trade with Europe.

Enjoy the chaotic ride through Europe’s imprint!

Olivia Kortas, Coen van de Ven, Jack Cairns, Kasper Goethals (Chief Editor), Rikke Mathiassen, Maria Danmark Nielsen, Esben Pejstrup-Pedersen.

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