1. Hi Kirsti!

      Thank you for visiting and appreciating us! We are eighteen students from all over the world, writing about the EU. Of course most of us come from EU-member states but we have students as well from Libanon, the United States, Canada and Norway. Our ‘Norway-reporter’ is Christine Forberg (https://www.facebook.com/forsbergchristine?fref=ts) for example.

      We are based in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and have visited Brussels recently. In 1,5 month we will move to Aarhus to establish our editorial floor over there.

      For further contact, questions or tips; please contact me directly (coen@venmails.com) and I’ll make sure that I’ll pass it to the others.
      Kind regards!
      Coen (on behalf of the whole editorial office)

      If you want further contact

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